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With the graces of Shree Santram Maharaj, inspired by Brahamleen Shree Narayandashji Maharaj, Santram Bhakta Samaj, USA was founded on July 3rd, 1993 in New Jersey.

The first Satsang was organized for the celebration of Guru Purnima in the city of Newark of New Jersey.

Inpsired by Brahamleen Shree Narayandashji Maharaj and with the blessings from Puj. Shree Ramdashji Maharaj, presently Santram Bhakta Samaj, USA organizes three main Satsangs, for the celebration of Maha Purnima, Guru Purnima and Diwali.

The Samaj also organizes Free Flu Shot camps, free medical, dental and eye screening camps in collaboration with local organizations to assist the needy.

  1. Los Angeles
  2. Chicago
  3. Atlanta
  4. Baltimore
  5. Dallas
  6. Charlotte
  7. Boston
  8. New Jersey
  9. Bay Area N. California

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