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On 26th January of 2001, so many cities and villages of Anjar district (Kachch) were totally abolished and were highly affected abolishing properties in these areas. People in lacs of numbers were totally house less overnight. So many people had died. So many families had become totally helpless due to the abolishment of their houses and due to the lack of daily household items. A free distribution centre was started in Bhachau Centre of Kachch by the instructions and follow up of holy saint Narayandas Maharaj of Santram temple. The centre was equipped with necessary house hold items for the needful people. But the main question was that of rehabilitation of the affected persons. The Navagam village of Anjar district was adopted by Santram temple. The devotees of Santram temple, who had gone to the affected areas, conducted so many meetings with the residents of that area and thereby they surveyed the list of items that were instantly required. The Navagam village of Anjar was confined within just 6 acres of land, but the rehabilitation for the affected people there required a land of 30 acres. The old village was devoid of proper roads and the houses were not having proper facilities. It was therefore decided to establish a new village close to the Navagam in the huge area that was made available. In this way, Santram temple could re-establish the Navagam village for 2500 affected people by constructing a new village having around 325 houses.