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A Kanabi (peasant) was a regular Dharshanarthi of Shree Santram Maharaj who has witnessed the miracle of Dungakui. He wish to invite the pious Atma for dinner and longed for his blessing but he could not speak. He was visiting everyday but renamed insensible with ambiguity.

Maharaj understood his mental confusion and asked him Brother, what do you want to say?

Kanabi got the opportunity and told, ” Maharaj, you may please come at my house for dinner and bless we all, Maharaj replied, ” I don’t want any meal today, you may milk your buffalow and bring some milk for me”.

Poor Kanabi was under deep sorrow because his buffalow has stopped to give milk. Maharaj wanted milk from his own buffalow. He could not make out what to do. How to inform Maharaj about the problem?

At last he dared to ask with sorrow and in low voice, “Maharaj” my buffalow has stopped to give milk, How shall I fulfill your wish?

Maharaj told him with bright and sweet smile. “Do not worry my dear son. Take my Tumbipatra (a vessel used by Saint for Food and Water) and keep it under the teats of your buffalow. Your buffalow’s teats shall pour your milk to fill up the Tumbipatra.

Kanabi took the Tumbipatra and left for the home, as if he was in dream and senseless condition. Oh! What a wonderful matter it is: Maharaj has ordered him to milk a buffalow who has stopped giving milk. He remained in dumb and deaf condition till evening. When his buffalow arrived at home in the evening he put up Tumbipatra under the teat of his buffalow.

What a miracle it was: Milk started from the teats of his buffalow and within no time Tumbipatra was full of milk and teats became dry.

Kanabi felt that it was really some sort of the natural illusion. But he concluded that buffalow has started to give milk due to some unknown reason or blessing of Santram Maharaj. So he kept his own pot to milk the buffalow again. Oh! the teats of the buffalow which was full of milk before few minutes but now it could not milk even a drop.

Now Kanabi was sure that the buffalow has given milk to fill up Tumbipatra with the blessing of Shri Santram Maharaj. He went to Maharajshri with boundless joy and offered the Tumbipatra with full of milk to Maharaj. Without uttering a single word Maharajshri took Tumbipatra in his hand and drunk the milk. Now Kanabi became life time devotee of Shree Santram Maharaj. He told the story of miracle to his friends and relatives. Almost all of them were quite surprised to hear the incident. But now people have full trust and feeling of love for Maharaj and there was no doubt about his super human power. Slowly and slowly it became a regular practice of crowded devotees to sit before the Rayan tree cave for Maharaj’s speech, blessings and Prashad.

Santram Maharaj was a great saint and he was surrounded with the crowd of his devotees. He realized that chain of illusion has started. He felt that if he would remain there then the chain of illusion and sentiments will hold him, So one day he left the cave of Rayan tree in early morning with his Tumbipatra. Man proposes and God disposes Shree Poojabhai Patel was on the way to his farm , who met Shree Santram Maharaj under a tree of Panchoteria Vad (Banyan) and that was the good luck of Nadiad.

Poojabhai asked with respect, “Maharaj, where are you going in the early morning?” Maharaj: Let my legs take me where it wants. Poojabhai said with surprised: “Maharaj, I feel that you will come back here only. Is not it? Maharaj : No, my brother I am a Saint would never come back to the same place. Because a saint should be free from all illusion and attachment. Saint never remains at the same place for any long time. Otherwise the motto of Sadhu to detach from the society could not fulfilled. Now a days a crowds of devotees have increased and I wish to get free from all these types of sentiments and illusion.

Poojabhai was true devotee of Shree Santram Maharaj. He was very firm from the bottom of his heart that Shree Santram Maharaj should not depart from Nadiad. So he requested to Maharaj with tears, love and dedication, “No…..No….Maharaj”. We will not allow you to go, you have given bright and real vision of life to the people of Nadiad. Sir, you are our life of spiritually and vitality. You can’t go, it will be good luck of Nadiad if you remain with us for ever. Santram Maharaj was always conscious about the spiritual upgradation of people. He told Poojabhai, “A Saint never makes any commitment and binding with the sentiments of the people. But he may think of his proposal unless he assures that they will live pious life and unique service to him. One has to sacrifice for the service of mankind. Are you ready for it? Ideal and pious life?

Poojabhai was anxious to reply and said, “We shall not have better luck than to serve you. If you remain with us forever, we accept your all the conditions. Poojabhai and “First of all, I offer my farm of Rayan tree to you majesty, I request you humbly to establish your Ashram in my farm and impart spiritual knowledge to us to wash out all types of sins. Santram Maharaj said with smile, “Poojabhai, you have obliged me by offering your farm. What do you expect from me?”

Poojabhai was under big and heavy confusion. He knew about his miracles and divine capacity. He decided not to be selfish. Whatever he will demand for the benefit of mankind. Maharaj had made changes in him such as trust in God, good virtues and spiritual life.

Poojabhai remained unanswered with a deep thinking for a moment. He said in law voice, “Maharaj, I need one and only one that is you may establish you Ashram for the spiritual growth of the people and you may not leave us uniformed.”

Santram Maharaji’s joy has no bound on hearing Poojabhai’s unselfish, clean hearted, generous benevolent answer. Maharaj embraced Poojabhai with heart to heart and accepted his request that he will not leave the Ashram without any information. Maharaj decided to work in favor of mankind and shall establish an institute for the betterment of the society. I have come from the farm of Rayan tree to Panchoteria Vad, so our institute will also expand between these two spans.

It was a boundless Joy among the people of Natpur-Nadiad as it was the decision of Paramhans Shree Santram Maharaj to establish an Ashram in the village. Now people themselves have shoulder the responsibility of constructing the Ashram and a beautiful temple. Maharaj was happy to see the work being started by the real devotees and was forecasting about the Temple and Ashram as a magnificent expansion of the same in future.

A young man, explained after a long run fall down suddenly near the tree of Rayan. The person was coming from long distances with tears in eyes, Dirty clothes, Dusty body with untidy hair and injured legs. It was apparent that he had traveled since long back. When he fall down he had stretched his hands to pay his homepages to Santram Maharaj.

Persons involved in the plumbing and construction of the Ashram ran towards the unconscious person with mercy and anxiety to know what has happened with the strange person. They started to question themselves regarding the unconscious person, from where he has come? Who is he? Why he has run all the long way that he has fall down unconsciously? What has happened to him?

All were anxious about the strange person worried about him. Oh! nothing will be wrong just at the opening of the construction of Ashram.

Now, people looking towards Maharaj with so many questions in their eyes. But there was no effect on Maharaj and he was smiling towards the incident. Many people were recalling the scene of Ramayana. Bharat was in deep sorrow when Ram was away from him in forest. Bharat came to see Ram with having hurt in forest but the smile that Ram had loving heart was the same smile in Maharaj. The scene was quite surprising. How a saint behaves in this way? What makes him to laugh towards unconscious person? A common man can’t understand spiritual growth and action of saintly person. People were speechless and remain passive for sometime as they could not understood what to do.

Suddenly, Maharaj came out of the cave and put his hand on head of young unconscious man and said, ” Please get up my dear Laxmandas”.

The young person got up as if new life was poured in him. When he say Maharaj, he began to cry like a child. As child complains his mother that where she had been uphill now. So was the silent question he had. Now he was so inspired with love and joy that he could not utter a single word to speak. After sometime he started to speak with stammering voice, “Maharaj! My God….You vanished after Varad Dharsan…. Oh! God…. I wondered here and there Vandodara, Khambhat, Umreth, Radhu, I could see your divine light at all the places. I have made up my mind to sacrifice my life in service of my Guruver Maharaj.

Shree Samtram Deri - Nadiad

I got early morning news that you are staying in Nadiad. From the very same moment, I have started to run for Nadiad.

“You have come at the right moment my dear son”. Maharaj said and took up Laxmandas to embrace him with spiritual height of love. Maharaj informed him that construction of Ashram is going on and he needs a person of pure and clean soul to take up the work for upliftment of mankind. Laxmandas said: My Lord, I would like to serve you. My total life happiness lies in your services only”. As was the Guru so was disciples. Charotar region. Ideology of Ashram was the cater knowledge (Bhakti), devotion, to create faith in Yoga and help poor and distressed orphans.

It was the professy of Bhagwan Swaminarayan that this Ashram will be great Center for the benefit of mankind.

Honorable and adorable Ghanshyam Sahajanand Swami from U.P. came in Saurashtra the land of Saint and Gods to discover Guru. He was blessed by true Guru and became a Godly person with the knowledge of soul. Then he started his journey to spread his new and simple religion in whole Gujarat. Accordingly he came in Nadiad and his few disciples suggested him to construct a Swaminarayan temple between two lakes where thick forest of trees were found. Shree Sahajanand Swami closed his eyes for sometime and said in serious voice ” No brother, God had already chosen this place for some other benevolence”. His disciples could not understood God. So he said “Shree Santram Maharaj is great social reformer and spiritual guide. His institute will expands by laps, bounds and shall spread on whole of Nadiad.

Superhuman having spiritual knowledge made prophecy of bright future for Santram Maharaj’s work and his Gadi. It came true.

But Santram Maharaj himself has never revealed the same. He was devoting his time for charity of food, saint service, nursing to handicap and diseased and other beneficial service to the mankind. He was remaining for the most of his time in “Nijanand” (Self Conscious) by the power of mediation and Yoga. He was concentrating his breathing on his forehead, and then he was entering in “Unmuni Mudra” to become thoughtless and was feeling joy of Brahmans.



He was remaining deeply associated with God and so he could hear the sweet music of Krishna’s flute. He has composed verses in simple language of Brahma and Yoga to common man. He has composed his all verses in the name of “Videhi Sukh Sagarji Bava”.

Santram Maharaj has some deep and extra feeling for the below average innocent people. He has always tried to bring them up in all walks of their lives. Many persons from village like farmer’s farm labors, workmen became genius devotees and poets who composed Bhajans with the inspiration of Santram Maharaj, Among them were Hariram, Haridas, Jetha Bhagat, Adesang, Balakdas (resident of vanakar), Narayandas, Purshotam, Vithuldas, Raghavmuni and Mugatramji. These verses and Bhajans are full or emotions, feelings, and rich with knowledge and God feeling. Many devotees have prayed Santram Maharaj with women feeling. On the other hand, they’re many geniuses poetical women in the religious philosophy of Santram Maharaj to name a few were Motibai, Dudhibai, Tejbai.

Shree Santram Deri Samadhi Sthan

Santram Maharaj’s life work and action was for the welfare of Nadiad and surrounded village people for 15 years. He anticipated many fallen and sinful persons. Seed of pious and sacred actions were implanted and developed in the heart of the people. Religious and spiritual knowledge were implanted by Maharaj and so latent potentially could be vigilant towards, the power of the Yoga and awareness of soul.

Maharaj has instituted such as Ashram that would work with more and more emphatically by Avadhut. Once Maharaj was under deep meditation that is in the State of Brahmlin got the concert from Parbrahm (God) for his departure time. He declared to his disciples and devotees about his departure from this mortal world. His departure time was mentioned as full moon day of the Posh Vikram Samvat 1887. But by how he recalled his promise to Poojabhai. Maharaj has confirmed and promised to Poojabhai that he shall inform him before he leaves from Ashram. To take “Samadhi” was necessarily life movement. So Maharajshri made in inquiry for Poojabhai. Poojabhai and his son were no more with them but his grandson name Bapubhai was there. Bapubhai was Government servant and had gone to Kheda for some Government affairs.

Maharajshri send a message with his disciple saying that he is likely to go to last and long pilgrimage and requested him to give his consent to facilitate him to move to has enlighted divine land. One Shri Bapubhai was busy with his Government work and duties at Kheda for benefits of the people. It was not possible for Bapubhai to come at Nadiad for fifteen (15) days. So, he requested Maharajshri to postponed his Samadhi for fifteen (15) days and allow him to do his last Darshan and Blessings.

It was not difficult for Maharajshri to control and keep death away for 15 days. But after 15 days falls a day without moon and on such black day the act of Samadhi spiritual pursuit is not a wise action. So he decided it on full-moon say of Maha month a sacred day. Maharaj conveyed second message to Bapubhai saying “Day of Samadhi would be Maha Shud Poonam.” You may remain present to give your pleasant concent for the farewell from the city of Nadiad and the world.

Oh! it is easy for Saint to depart from his beloved on completion of his life mission. But it was equally pain staking and very strong assault on the heart of disciples and devotees. It was unbearable to think about the separation from such a divine personality who has purified their lives with all virtues, knowledge and true understanding and real approach of life. Hundred of Bavajati and orphans, poor people were getting their food from Maharaj’s charity kitchen: It was extremely difficult for them to say good-bye to such dedicated personality for mankind. Many deceased people were being cured by simple touch of Maharajshri and lived long life. Now it was impossible for them to get separated from their savior the great Avadhut. So period of one half month was the period of grief, tears, affliction, agony and lamentation.

Santram Deri Samadhi Sthan Nadiad

Time passes in spite of our vain exercise to stop it and the day of full moon of Maha Shud came to break the heart of disciples and devotees. Bapubhai was in service of Maharajshri with broken heart on that days crowds of devotees and disciples have come from far of distances to pay their homage to Maharajshri.

Laxmandasji s principal disciple of Santram Maharaj was given the responsibility of Ashram and follow up work for upliftment of mankind as started by Santram Maharaj.

It was a Thursday a full moon day of Maha Month Vikram Samvat 1887, Santram Maharaj started to walk towards a grave of Samadhi by 3 O’clock in Minlagna. An earthen lamp with a wick and ghee was kept ready near the grave of Samadhi as ordered by Maharajshri. It was mystery that why unlighted earthen lamp was kept ready to the surrounded devotees.

Disciples and devotee were silent with heavy and broken heart. Santram Maharaj walked slowly and slowly towards. Samadhi place and started to step down in the Samadhi grave as per exact time schedule as decided by him. It was tragic and lamenting scene of the crying people around. All of sudden it stopped. Now devotees were thrilled with broken heart seeing that Maharaj’s mortal body was disappearing from grave of Samadhi. It was Maha Darshan of Maharajshri.

To the great surprise of people a miracle appeared that a Jyot (divine light) illuminated from the Brahm-Raudhra of Maharajshri and earthen lamp was lighted up by Jyot. As such a Soul Jyot has illuminated the everlasting Jyot of Purabhrahm. People started the Jyot till it emerged in the distance sky and Jyot was no more visible to the devotees under the auspicious surprise of the people they saw that the pit of Samadhi Sthan was filled in by earth and it became a plain earth as if no one has dug there at all. Now there was nothing but automatically illuminated earthen lamp was lighting with divine light.

Last but unforgettable miracle took place that there was rain fall of Sugar Candy by the group of different Gods to welcome the divine soul.

Goswami Tulsidasji

Shree Santram Deri Samadhi Sthan Nadiad

Laxmandasji immediately hold the enlighted lamp in his hand with full of devotion and went in to the temple. Since from then the enlighted Jyoti lighting even today for 171 years.

The lamp was enlighted by Atamjyoti of Maharajshri Santram Maharaj is no more with us physically but his perpetual and eternal Atmajyoti is favoring the mankind.

It is truly said that the origin of the river and lineage of Rushi need not to know. If one does so, then it will be wasteful attempt. Muni Shree Santram Maharaj, lacs of religious minded people’s guide, has proved the ancient proverb by keeping his lineage secret. It is the strong belief, faith and trust of the devotees that he was the successor (Avtar) of Shree Guru Dattatray and has come from the mountain of Girnar.

“Sadhu to Chalata Bhala” (A saint never remains at one place for a long time). It was truly justified by Shree Santram Maharaj. When he came in South Gujarat and people were thrilled and impressed by his very first miracle. His life was open book in which we read his term endear work for the benefit of mankind like true knowledge of life yoga and properly interpreted religion. He has enlighted the life path of many men and women to live their glorious life. Even today people are satisfying their thirst of knowledge from the life of Maharaj. Devotees of love and worship were imbibing knowledge from the institute of Maharajshri.

What a combination of world he did? The great Saint has made combination between Girnar’s divine place and immoral vice land of Surat. Yes, he started his ‘Jyot’ of religious and morality from Surat. Saint Shree Jitamuni Narayan Ashram was situated on the bank of river Tapi in Surat which was the origin and power of knowledge. A bright and divine personality enter into the Ashram. It was unknown to all person in Ashram that from where the said personality has come but newly arrived person bow down his head to Shree Guru Narayan and said “Guruver, please give me knowledge (of Atma)”.

Saint Shree Jita Muni was extremely happy to see such an enlighted divine personality in his Ashram. He started to preach and teach him Veda, Puran and Sankhya, Yoga and all other religion. Muni was surprised to see that his newly arrived disciple has unmanageable capacity to accept and assimilate the knowledge imparted by him. Even before the completion of the year he had received full knowledge about all Shastra and left the Ashram with the same mysterious way he came in Ashram. Guru Muni could not recognize from where he came and how he left. If he would come to know about such an Avtari Godly person, he might have been proud of such divine personality